Sunday morning was almost an exact replica of Saturday.

The only real change is that both of our back to back clients arrived on time (I still mean absolutely no shame toward KeeKee!!!! We ALL run late, it happens!!! To the very best of us, as evidenced by KeeKee being late). Perhaps because I texted them the day before with the very pushy text of DO NOT BE LATE AT ALL OR YOU WILL SUFFER GREATLY. Except that isn't at all what I said.

For the second day in a row, Derek and I brought our new merclients up to Likeke Falls in the early hours of the morning so we could get down to business. Fortunately for Hadley, who decided to go first, we had pretty much worked out the kinks of shooting mermaids at Likeke the day before, with Sande and KeeKee doing double time as mermaids and beautiful location guinea pigs.

I had been freaking out about the rain in the parking lot, and there wasn't even a hint of blue sky when we set out on the hike. I didn't have the greatest feeling, but Derek and I have discussed this at length: I need to stop my worrying and understand that if it rains, we keep shooting.

It wasn't raining when we got to the falls, but that changed fairly fast. While Hadley was getting into her tail (honestly, the tail Hadley wore is my absolute favorite of the six that we have. It's SO colorful and amazing), the rain started coming down. Our cameras are weather-sealed, so it's not like I was worried about my workhorse 5D mkiii getting drenched and ruined or anything, I was more concerned about the make up the girls were wearing running, and their hair falling/frizzing. And seriously, here's a fun fact about Hadley's hair:

It wasn't messing around. She went full mermaid.

When Hadley arrived, I couldn't really see what her hair looked like, because it had been tied up and back. Using a robe belt, of all things. Hadley looked cute as a button, too. Like a pin up babe ready to take on the day. Her robe sash was fluffy and a dark navy blue, and honestly, I thought that was how she wanted to be photographed, with the bow on her head. And I wouldn't have minded that one bit.

When she took her hair down right before we started shooting, though, I damn near lost my mind. Her hair was so vibrant and pretty!!! It was a lovely purple at her crown and it ombred down into a luxe pink. I was absolutely IN LOVE.

On top of having the perfect hair, Hadley was a natural mermaid. She posed and lived her best merlife, and when I asked her to move locations, and let me get a little experimental with lighting and angles, WE KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK. Or the valley. Whichever you want to go with.

Hers are the shots I am most excited to edit and deliver, because I REALLY love the mood we created together.