When in Rome...

I have no idea, I never went to Rome.

I did have my own Boudoir shoot done a few years ago, though, and it completely changed how I interact with my clients. For the better, I assure you. Lately it's been bugging me that I come up against a wall when I'm directing mermaid shoots, and it dawned on me that the reason why is because I have no idea what it's like to be IN the tails with someone else behind the camera. I don't know how to navigate being stuck in one position and then moving into another one in something skin tight where my legs are bound together, without use of my feet. I may be gracious behind the camera, but I think it'll improve my overall performance as a mermaid photographer if I can direct clients from a place of experience rather than aesthetic desire.

Derek and I also run into an issue of him having a different eye for mermaid photos than I do. He sees them one way, I see them COMPLETELY differently. So sometimes, there are verbal head butts when we're both on location together. When Derek has an idea about how I should be shooting, I shoot it down because he doesn't have my visions. But it must be entirely frustrating for Derek to have me imply that his ideas aren't grand or beautiful or worth exploring.


This weekend, while everybody is getting ready for the 4th with BBQs and ill advised gatherings where physical distancing will be ignored, Derek and I will be hiking ourselves to a remote waterfall where I will slither myself into a tail and Derek will direct and shoot me.

I'm not sure if this will be a boon, or a bust, but I'm looking forward to growth either way.