Saturday afternoon was just as busy as Saturday morning.

Derek and I slipped home after our first two shoots, had a quick nosh, took a much needed nap, and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next two shoots.

We were very lucky that the clients we have for the next few weeks were so willing to pair off so we could have an easier time of managing 11 shoots over four days. They were willing to share locations, and play the waiting game while someone went before them, and for that, I am forever grateful.

I am also forever grateful that, when Tonantzin changed up China Walls, Suzanne was more than happy to change it up, as well. We did offer her a different day in case she was super looking forward to that location, but she said she was just fine with going to Sandy Beach and doing her mershoot on schedule. YAY! I was really glad it worked out.

Something I have really done my best to do is make each shoot look unique, EVEN THOUGH I shoot at the same locations. I don't want my clients thinking that their photos look cookie cutter and that they are interchangeable with any other client I have. So I won't lie to you, I was a little bit concerned about my ability to do that for Suzanne. I was in an entirely new area where I hadn't shot before, and I wasn't about to scout in my usal way. For the uninitiated, scouting is usually an hour or so jaunt around the location, snapping various photos, using Derek for blocking, and seeing what I can or cannot make work. I love scouting, I really appreciate being in a location with a client and not looking like I'm lost as shit.

Saturday afternoon did not afford me that, and it did not afford me my usual solace in knowing I could make these back to back sessions look unique and interesting for each client. So I had to scramble around my brain for last minute creativity.

And I found it.

It helps that Suzanne took to heart the modeling guide I sent out, and had really done her research on how to pose. She nailed it each shot!

It is always my goal to make sure I make my clients look as amazing as they are in their delivered products, and included with that, it is always my hope that I come off as someone who truly knows what they're doing. That I have a solid grasp of my craft, and that they are in capable hands. I can panic if I'm thrown into a situation with paying clients that is wildly unfamiliar, and I am terrified of that happening to me. The good news is, I have reflected back on the afternoon and I don't think I was outwardly as freaked as I was internally. Progress? Let's call that a yes.